How to Design Your Promotional Outdoor Signs

There are some tips and tricks to follow when designing custom promotional outdoor signs to promote your business: Write in headlines, not long paragraphs. Do not use all caps or italics. Avoid using abbreviated or unusual acronyms such as “TM,” “E.” or “OC.”

Keep it simple. Use three types of fonts for headlines and text blocks. Two are Times New Roman and Arial; the third is Courier. There are other fonts available that you may want to consider, but these are the most popular. Keep them simple, so they are easy to read and remember.

Use key phrases often. Use short and simple sentences and bullet points to indicate important information. Keep the language simple. People don’t have time to read lengthy texts. They will only get half of what you’re trying to communicate with your sign. Use key phrases and short sentences to give your customers a clear idea of what you are trying to say.

Keep your graphics simple. Keep them to one page or two. Don’t overcrowd them with too many images or pictures. You want people to be able to see the image in one glance. When possible, choose images and pictures that can be downloaded for free. This helps save you time.

Keep colors simple. Bright colors are more attention-grabbing, while other colors, such as cream or off-white, are easier to read. Try to use shades of red, blue and green to avoid distracting colors. Be sure to place graphics on the same side of the sign as the text. This makes it easier to read.

Remember, a simple design is the key to success. Don’t try to overdo it. Keep it simple and do it right the first time. If you do it wrong, it will look odd. The best part is the signs will last for years, not months.

Logo placement is very important. Placing the logo on a side of the sign or at the bottom of the sign will help draw attention to your sign and increase its chances of being read. Place it near the horizon for a better effect.

Placing your logo at the right angle also gives it a better chance of being seen clearly. Place it just slightly to the left of center, if your sign is square, or just slightly below it. This can really increase the visibility of your logo.

The logo should stand out and be easy to read from a distance. Keep your graphics simple, and keep it simple. Use the above tips to improve the appearance of your outdoor signs. If done right, your signs will attract more customers and help make your business more successful. Visit Skymark Signs, Toronto for more info.