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DORKBOT SYD : MAY 2015 : Electromechanical Percussion + Body-Centred Interactivity + Mobile Phone Orchestra


WHAT: People doing strange things with electricity, in association with Musify+Gamify (Vivid 2015)
WHEN: Monday May 18th, 6-8pm
WHERE: UNSW Art & Design (formally COFA) courtyard ‘Black Box’ 1st floor D Block, cnr Oxford St and Greens Rd, Paddington (see map at bottom of post)
COST: Free!



Robbie Avenaim – Percussionist and composer who’s practice combines traditional and extended techniques with physical modification of the drums. Recent modifications have included the invention and application of motorised percussive mechanisms, namely SARPS (Semi Automated Robotic Percussion System) and it’s latest development SARPS 2.0. The design of new instruments is an integral part of Avenaim’s improvisatory and compositional processes in providing access to a greater vocabulary of sounds as well as expanding the role of percussion in experimental and contemporary classical musics. His kinetic sound installations have been featured at numerous galleries and festivals around the world.



Body Ba-Bump, Lian Loke
The body as a prime generator for creativity, performance and interaction.
Ideas and projects from subtle seat bone dancing to jamming gravity sound platforms.


The mobile phone orchestra is a sonic experiment in automated collaborative composition. With the rise of the portable .mp3 player we find ourselves surrounded by crowds of people all wearing headphones, immersed in their own private sonic landscape. The Mobile Phone Orchestra attempts to blend these private landscapes together to create a shared sonic environment that is unique to each separate performance. The next evolution of the Mobile Phone Orchestra will combine motion tracking and physical simulations to add an entirely new level of interaction and playfulness into the collaborative composition process. This brand new work in progress will have participants randomly exploring their combined musical collections by playing ping pong.

Are you lost? We’re here! (Google Maps link)

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