John Jacobs – [DORKBOT-SYD Podcast (February, Part 1/3) Enhanced AAC]

Here is the first of the three presentations from last night’s dorkbot sydney meeting as part of dorkbot-syd’s first podcast.

The default format is Enhanced AAC (with slides, photos and URLs for happy little iTunes/iPod users) but a separate (and smaller) MP3 will also be sent out for everybody else.

Two feeds will exist for both the Enhanced AAC and the MP3 versions so point your aggregator to one of those links!

Thanks again to John Jacobs (I did my best getting rid of the radio his extremely unshielded toys seemed to be picking up) and look forward to the other two segments shortly.

[DORKBOT-SYD Podcast (February, Part 1/3) Enhanced AAC]

0 responses to “John Jacobs – [DORKBOT-SYD Podcast (February, Part 1/3) Enhanced AAC]

  1. Awesome Podcast!
    Are the other talks also available on Podcast ?

  2. I will post the other two talks from this particular meeting (soon! let your aggregator do the polling) and all future dorkbot sydney meetups.