Dorkbot is an opportunity for you to show an audience of like-minded people your work and ideas. We are open to practitioners from all fields; be it music, physics, mechanical engineering, video art, software development, circuit bending, anything. As long as it’s weird and involves electricity we are interested. You would be surprised how weird the things you do seem to other people who aren’t from your field of thinking and in turn how valuable their ideas and comments end up being.

Presentations do not only have to be of finished work. We are very interested in seeing work that is unfinished or broken or destroyed. If you have something that you can’t work on any longer because it is jeopardising your sanity or because it makes weird burning smells every time you solder in that last resister and turn it on we want to see that too! Showing an informed audience an unfinished project can be priceless for the development of your work.

If you are not interested in doing a twenty minute presentation but have something you would like to show Dorkbot there is also time dedicated to show and tell. This is a time when you can set your project down on a table or put it up on the projector and give people a bite of what you are into at the end of the evening. This may not necessarily even be something that you made but maybe something a friend you know did or something you found on the street.

If you would like to do a presentation or if you have any questions about Dorkbot please email Pia at dorkbotsyd ( @ )

Dorkbot is intended to be directed by it’s people, not it’s administrators. It is what YOU make of it! So come along, bring something, and get dorky with it.

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