Tuesday the 23rd October

Usual times and places. See you at 19:00 for a 19:30 speak off at Sydney (302 Cleveland St)

Two super presentations this month! And a show+tell.

1. Stephen Jones will be demonstrating and talking about a number of video synthesizers that he built between 1978 and 1986 (see pictured below for one). Stephen used these synths when performing live with Australian electronic group Severed Heads and in other projects.


2. Nick Wishart will be presenting CeLL, a MIDI controlled pneumatic orchestra he has created in collaboration with Miles van Dorssen. They will be opening up CeLL to new composers via a new software interface that can receive compositions by email, play and record the composition then send that recording to the composer.


3. Show + Tell is open to anyone who has something they wanna bring along. Can be something interesting you have been working on or perhaps an event you wish to share with people. Just as long as it has something to do with electricity!

Also: Taking suggestions and volunteers for presentations for November’s Dorkbot which shall be the last Dorkbot of 2007. Get in while the year lasts!

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