Leigh Russell is a 3d computer animator. He will be talking about a current project: to send a camera into the stratosphere on a helium balloon and has built a computer controlled machine that fabricates his 3d models from materials like wood and foam.


Gordon Monro will talk about his use of a Lego robotics kit to make an abstract art video. He will play the video and describe the processes used to make it.


Tim Boykett, who is part of a group based in Linz called Time’s Up, will speak about SPIN and about sensors; the big ball and about the tools we have used to get data into and out of the machines to know what is happening with it and with other stuff.
Tim’s attendance is sponsored by the Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT), as part of the the Creativity and Cognition
Studios /ACID symposium, ENGAGE: Interaction, Art, and Audience Experience. (


An unexpected visit from Jen Sheridan & Nick Byran: Talked about their modified Pois they call iPoi(s) that generate audio and video when played with. And a festival they are involved with in the UK
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