What: “People doing strange things with electricity“
Where: Serial Space, 33 Wellington St, Chippendale
When: Tuesday 29th May, 7pm for a 7:30 start


R.kobrynski : Hydrogen
Kobrynski will be presenting his first prototype of a system that converts water and electricity in a specific form of Hydrogen on demand. It can cut through steel, and melt all sorts of materials, including tungsten that is known to sublimate at 5000C. This technology can be a revolution for many industries as it is completely free of toxic exhaust gasses. He will also approach some other applications of this technology such as for cars, it can indeed reduce the emissions of CO2 80% and 100% of NOX. This technology could be an overnight solution to nearly 1/3rd of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. Kobrynski would like to discuss the future of this technology at world scale, as a tactic to change our economy to run on a clean fuel as soon as possible.
Note: Bring some challanging materials to be melted for the demo!!!



Pia van Gelder : Technical Delusions
Pia will be presenting some research she has been doing on the psychological condition commonly called the ‘technical delusion’ first written about by Victor Tausk in a paper published in 1919 called On the Origin of the “Influencing Machine” in Schizophrenia. Pia will discuss a recent essay by media-archaeological theorist Jeffrey Sconce which reexamines Tausk’s theories in relation to television and media studies. Pia would like to discuss how this condition, which is now considered a first-rank symptom of schizophrenia, might apply to electronic arts practice and what she calls ‘machinic affinities’.


Image: Jakob Mohr, Beweisse [Proofs], ca. 1910. Courtesy Prinzhorn Collection, University of Heidelberg.

You : Show & Tell
As per usual there is an open session at the end of Dorkbot for very informal impromptu short show and tells. Anyone is invited to bring along something they are working on and show us your stuff!

Be there AND be square!

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