What: “People doing strange things with electricity“
Where: Serial Space, 33 Wellington St, Chippendale
When: Tuesday 10th May, 7pm for a 7:30 start

We’re back for a regular Dorkbot (as regular as that might be!!!!).


Dr Danial Stocks : The Serro
From the bowels of my secret electronic weapons music research program comes The Serro: A microwave powered electronic music effects processor based on a military radar jamming technique. A 1600MHz radar emits a low intensity microwave beam. This is received by the serrodyne transponder a short distance away. In military applications such a device is used to send altered radar signals in order to generate false velocity readings in the radar. In this application an audio signal is sent to the transponder, which modulates the audio onto the radar signal and retransmits it to the radar. The audio data is received by the radar but is altered in nature in accordance with a wave remapping algorithm inherent in the modulation and receiving process, creating interesting harmonic variations of the original. In addition to variation of the nature of the sound by varying the modulation parameters, it is also possible to create changes in the sound by moving the antennas to different positions.


Martin Marier
The sponge is a musical interface made with a piece of foam, a few sensors (accelerometers and FSRs) and an Arduino board. Sensor data is sent to a computer running SuperCollider which translates it into musical parameters. The goal is to make performance of electronic music more playful and to improve the interaction with the audience.
Martin is from Montréal. You can find more info about his work here:


Nick Keys
As part of the Red Room Company’s major project for 2011 poets, or people masquerading as poets, are being paired with clubs & societies, or people masquerading as clubs & societies. This masquerade brings together the committed amateur Nick Keys with the Dorks who do strange things with electricity. So at the next Dorkbot meeting at 7pm on Tuesday May 10th @ Serial Space Nick will be giving an improvised talk about techne, memory & ghosts.


Show and Tell
We invite people to bring along projects they are working on or any other cool things to show in a free-for-all at the end of the night. This is a great time to talk to people about things that are coming up, events and what not. Bring in something you have found, something you have broken and show us what you’ve got!

May the force be with you


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