Where: Serial Space, 33 Wellington St Chippendale.
When: Tuesday 21st July, 19:00 for 19:30 speak-off.
Cost: FREE! < Bring along drinks and nibblies if you so wish.

P R E S T E N T E R S :

D.V. Rogers and Parkfield Interventional EQ Fieldwork (PIEQF)
dv rogers
During the US summer months of 02008 D.V.Rogers realised a seismic controlled, machine earthwork in the remote township of Parkfield, California. Described as part machine, part earthwork, part performance, the Parkfield Interventional EQ Fieldwork (PIEQF) involved excavating a 75ft x 30 x 6ft trench near the central San Andreas Fault. Assembled at the base of this crudely landscaped site an 8000lb earthquake shake table machine was interfaced with real-time reported seismic waves.

Collaborating with US Geological Survey seismologists and machine art programmers across three continents, this non-fictional art-science installation operated autonomously for ninety one days between the 18th June and 16th November 02008. Rogers will discuss the software development behind PIEQF and how seismic cowboys work with heavy machinery in the middle of earthquake country.

Andrew Handmer and his Jet Engine
andrew handmer
Andrew Handmer has worked on everything from EFTPOS machines to race cars, to underwater drilling machines – now masquerading as “The Engine Whisperer” and working on pretty much anything electrical or mechanical. Andrews presentation is a demonstration of one of his various projects – a home built jet engine. It’s based around an old Mitsubishi turbocharger and the combustion chamber from a Rolls Royce Dart turbine engine. The aim is to eventually propel some sort of vehicle with it.
video here:


We invite people to bring along projects they are working on or any other cool things to show in a free-for-all at the end of the night. This is a great time to talk to people about things that are coming up, events and what not. Bring in something you have found, something you have broken and show us what you’ve got!

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