Dorkbot-Syd Group Show is on for 2 more days!
Open 12-5pm, Thursday 11th – Saturday 13th February
and then…

What: Hear the participants from Dorkbot Syd Group Show discuss their work inside and out before we bump out in the afternoon.

Who: Warren Armstrong, Tega Brain, Samuel Bruce, Amanda Cole, Melissa Hunt, Lukasz Karluk & Gentleforce.

Dorkbot Syd Group Show is an exhibition of work by people doing strange things with electricity. Something between an art exhibition and a science fair featuring work by members of Dorkbot Sydney, a regular meeting for people doing strange things with electricity. Bringing together artists, musicians, engineers and programmers, presenting a collection of interactive installations, web art, generative art, sound art and electronic sculptures.

Where: Serial Space, 33 Wellington Street Chippendale.

When:Sunday 14th of February, 12 noon.

Valentines day is for losers! Dorkbot Artist Talk is for WINNERS!

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