DORKBOT : SYD MONDAY 19th FEBRAURY 19:30 till 22:00

NOTICE: Dorkbot has moved to every THIRD MONDAY OF THE MONTH!!!!

We are pleased to have three artists who do strange things with electricity to make sound! Please come along to Lanfranchis at 7.30 for a mingle, talks will start at 8pm sharp. Bring drinks and nibblies.

Jodi Rose is a conceptual sound artist who makes music from bridges in
collaboration with electronic artists, composers, musicians, vj’s and


John Jacobs will demonstrate his circuit bent, home brew, simple D.I.Y. touch patched sound generating circuits based on the work of Peter Blasser

John is aiming to convene a broken bent and built ElectroMutant Arkestra through the Dorkbot/Electrofinge interface and is keen to contact potential collaborators.
He has started a blog at documenting this work.


Nick Mariette will talk about his experiences building and using his own ambisonic microphone for capturing 3d field recordings that he uses for live surround sound performances.