DORKBOT-SYD : FEBRUARY 2009 (Tues 24th)

This Tuesday the 24th say hello to a new year for Dorkbot-Syd and a new venue!

Serial Space will be hosting our first Dorkbot proper for the year. Serial Space is a new Artist Run Space located at 33 Wellington St Chippendale. Very close to central station for an easy commute and very roomy! Times are the usual 7pm for a 7:30 speakoff. Please bring along some nibblies if you please.

This month we have a real variety of presentations for our educational, audio, visual, interactive and tactile pleasure!

P R E S E N T E R S :
(in no specific order)


Two Dead Voices is a live Audio Visual act by Michael Aroustian and Harriet Birks, they use midi triggers, audio spectrum analysis, live video feeds, analogue synthesisers (KORG MS20, Oberheim Expander, RolandXOX boxes) and computers!! … to generate a warm minimal synaesthetic experience.
Two Dead Voices
At this month they will attempt a mass hypnosis!


Balint Seeber (Dorkbot regular) plans to present Eyesweb. “Eyesweb is a [Visual Programming-based] platform to support the development of real-time multimodal distributed interactive applications. It has been adopted in several other EU projects, has been licensed to more than 15,000 individual users, companies, and institutions. It is also used in University courses and summer schools.” Eyesweb is in a similar vein as Max/MSP, however it is grounded in the video/image processing world (as opposed to computer music). This allows for easier prototyping of such apps if you are already familiar with their basic concepts. In Balint’s spare time he used it to power: Balint intends to demonstrate how Eyesweb works and what you can do with it.

Please download it and bring it along on your WiFi-enabled laptop so you can follow along – even better if you can bring a video capture device (eg: internal/external webcam). He will attempt to lead everyone through the steps required to create (at least part of) a simple, fun, multimedia-enabled, interactive, networked program! If time allows, he shall explain why he is interested in Visual Programming Languages, and how he is trying to revolutionise the world of VPLs with his PhD research.

An example of analysis of expressive cues, using the Silhouette Motion Images (SMI) technique.



James Nichols is transforming his DubTable for our interactive pleasure. The DubTable is a manipulatable sound experiment, a surface on which you
can mix, twist and crush sounds using simple physical objects. A chance
for everyone to unleash their inner Lee Scratch Perry, the DubTable is
focused around dub sounds, but invites the user to twist the music in
any way using simple gestures.


YouTube Link here

Look forward to seeing you there!

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