What: “People doing strange things with electricity“
Where: Serial Space, 33 Wellington St, Chippendale
When: Tuesday 30th August, 7pm for a 7:30 start

This month we have a jammed packed line-up of amazing projects and we will be joined by our special host Aras Vaichas!


Ollie Bown – Live Algorithms and Hands Free Concerts
Ollie Bown has been exploring an interest in the subject of agency and autonomy in computer programs in various forms over a number of years, particularly in music. In this talk he gives a summary of some of the systems, musical experiments and workshops he has been involved in creating and curating, along with some of the most interesting work he has found in this area, including his own systems that use recurrent neural nets and decision trees to responsively create musical patterns, the gatherings of the Live Algorithms for Music network in London, and a short concert series in 2010 in Melbourne called “Hands Free”, where computer music composers were invited to send software as proxies for themselves, to perform with human improvising musicians.

Dan Mackinlay and James Nichols – Pattern Machine
Pattern machine is a site specific installation project started for underbelly 2011, incorporating Giant inflatable nematodes, industrial machinery brought to live through projection-mapped animation and multichannel improvised music madness stuff.
For Dorkbot the audio guys from pattern machine will present some of their tools and a short taster performance in glorious mid-fi quad surround.
Project URL:


David Lyon – WaterDuino – Open Source Water Injection for Arduino
One proven way of reducing pollution, carbon-emissions and fuel useage in petrol motors is with water-injection. It’s also great if you have a turbo-charged vehicle as it allows engine temperatures to be lowered so that you can run higher boost. With the introduction of EFI cars, water injection fell out of favour. The reason for this is mainly because the computer in the car was too complicated for people to interface with. With Arduino, we can now again easily control a water injection system and make it with low cost.
WaterDuino is an Open-Source project with all the Arduino software that you need to run the system. This presentation demonstrates the project and how to make a system with minimal cost.

Erin Gee – Orpheux Larynx
Fascinated by all things vocal, Erin Gee is a Canadian artist from Montreal who makes music, interactive installations, performances and videos with combinations of flesh and electronic voices. An overriding theme in her work is an exploration in the tensions of human-computer interaction, which she feels are heightened by human narcissism. In this talk, Gee will share some of her past interactive works as well as offer some sneak peeks of her most recent project in Sydney: Orpheux Larynx. This project is a choral work for robotic and human performers made in collaboration with media artist Stelarc and engineers at MARCs auditory labs (University of Western Sydney) and will be presented August 27th at the Powerhouse Museum.
This research project is supported by the Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, MARCS Auditory Labs at the University of Western Sydney, and the Thinking Head project funded by the Australian Research Council and the National Health and Medical Research Council. – Website of Erin Gee – Website for the Thinking Head project – Website for MARCs auditory labs @ University of Western Sydney – Website of Stelarc



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