DORKBOT SYD : APRIL 2014 : Microview Arduino / Art and Geoengineering / Robots and Graffiti

WHAT: People doing strange things with electricity
: Thursday 24th April, 6-8pm
WHERE: College of Fine Arts, UNSW, Cnr of Oxford St and Greens Rd Paddington, Main Lecture Theatre – EG02 (campus map here!)



Marcus Schappi : ‘Microview’ Arduino

Marcus Schappi is CEO of Geek Ammo and regularly hops between San Francisco, and Sydney, Australia. Geek Ammo is building the Internet of Things for the rest of us, allowing anyone to build IoT Systems. Marcus has a Masters of Design Science (Design Computing) from Sydney University and studied Mechatronics & Business at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Josh Wodak : The Shape of Things to Come: Art and Geoengineering

Models of climate change trajectories show the shape of things to come for the biosphere and its inhabitants this century. Scientific organisations worldwide overwhelmingly maintain that the window to avoid runaway catastrophic climate change is closing fast. In turn, highly reputed climate scientists and scientific organisations are now proposing radical ways to engineer the world‘s climate through bioengineering and geoengineering. How can art explore this reversal of agency: from being shaped by things to come, to how humans may shape things to come through climate engineering interventions designed to separate existing lifeforms from six degrees of catastrophe.

Dr Josh Wodak is an interdisciplinary artist whose work transforms climate science into visceral and embodied experiences of climate change, by metaphorically mapping audiovisual representations of change onto human and non-human landscapes. His ongoing body of work, Good [Barrier] Grief (2011-present), uses participatory practice in photomedia, video art, sound art and interactive installations to explore the development of post- fossil fuel futures in relation to energy production and climate change. He is currently an Honorary Research Fellow at the Faculty of Architecture, Design & Planning, University of Sydney.

Josh Harle : Robots and Graffiti

Following work with the NSW govt’s anti-terror branch – the Emergency Information Coordination Unit – and  continuing his research into “mapping ad absurdum”, Dr Josh Harle has created a robot to obsessively map and digitally reconstruct the gallery space.

You : Show & Tell

Bring something along to show!!!

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