DORKBOT : MAY Tuesday 27th

7pm for 7:30 speak off.

This month we are being hosted by CuriousWorks at their new office warehouse space in Surry Hills.
Suite 402, 11 Randle St, Surry Hills. Map
Bring a pillow or something to rest your weary bones.
There will also be some interactive work involving the internet so bring along your laptop to join in!

This month’s speakers are as follows:

: : : ARAS VAICHAS : : :


Aras Vaichas is an artist+engineer who works fulltime as an embedded
software and electronics engineer. He creates simple but snazzy kits so
others can learn about electronics and technology.
The WävRüta is a microcontroller based audio effects units. It was
designed for one of the Dorkshop workshops that will be held during the
Electrofringe 2008 festival in Newcastle.The name is pronounced “Wave Rooter”.
So called because it really fucks
with your audio.”

CuriousWorks will present two sets of technologies, still in development. One is an open-source node sequencer array that triggers images, audio and video in real time. Combined with Johnny Lee’s wiimote/infra-red pen touch screen interface, this becomes a touch-based, realtime, media triggering system. We’ll demo this application at the presentation. The other stream of research has been into wearable and/or portable digital media gear. For example – straps that you wrap around your shoes that trigger audio or video as you walk. We are evolving this technology to create a puppeteer’s suit that will interact with real-life electronic objects and virtual online environments at the same time. A video of our research goals and prototypes of the technology will be shown.

Neil Jenkins is an artist and programmer whose current practice is
heavily engaged with electronic media, language and networked
He will present two pieces of work, Exquisite Copse, a generative
piece and play on the surrealist game, Exquisite Corpse, that visually
rewrites existing works of literature into a forest of word trees and
Visitors Studio, an online multiuser platform developed with that facilitates real time collaborative audio-visual
mixing over the internet.
everyone is invited to bring their laptops to join the online
visitors studio mix during the presentation (needs web browser with
flash plugin)


As usual there will be a Show & Tell at the end for anyone who wants to bring some stuff they feel like showing off. Things like flyers for upcoming events or websites we stumbled on with cool things or unfinished/broken/just jotted down ideas and works in progress are welcome. It is a great time to promote your own or your friend’s stuff or get ideas from others in the audience for problem solving etc.

Bring Drinks & Nibblies and friends and pillows!

NEXT MONTH’S DORKBOT : If you want to talk at Dorkbot please just email We would be THRILLED to hear from you!

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  1. Hey Dorkbots, this is Peter from CuriousWorks, just wanted to say we had a great time here at Randle St hosting the meetup. It was the first ‘public’ event we had at our warehouse and it was lots of fun. The massive group video jam with Neil Jenkin’s Visitors Studio was awesome.