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What: “People doing strange things with electricity”
Where: Serial Space, 33 Wellington St Chippendale
When: Tuesday 4th May, 19:00 for a 19:30 speakoff till 10ish
How: Run script

A fantastically well rounded program for this autumn meet-up.


The gear for noise! Introducing hand-made equipments to make “noise” by Hirofumi Uchino:Australian based Japanese artist who creates “noise” related performances, objects and exhibitions with wide range skills and methods. Founder of “Lastgasp Art Laboratories” and “Defektro”.
LAL website:
DEFEKTRO website:


Alex Davies is going to discuss 2 projects that incorporate physical computing for childcare (The Robaupair) and entertainment (Häusliches Glück). A must for downtrodden parents and augmented reality enthusiasts alike!
more about Alex Davies’ work:



DORKBOT-SYD : 01101101 01100001 01110010 01100011 01101000

What: “People doing strange things with electricity”
Where: Serial Space, 33 Wellington St Chippendale
When: Wednesday 31st March, 19:00 for a 19:30 speakoff till 10ish
How: Like… with your brain and your body too!

WOOT! It’s levelgasms and Wii-offs for a Wii spectacular month!


JONATHAN PAPERT (Papst*r Audio Electronics) – Wii Nunchuck Noiser

In the world of 21st Century instruments – who still wants a bunch of knobs?? Well the Wii Nunchuck Noiser still has plenty of knobs but also assigns an element of control to this Wii accessory. Shake your fist to open a new world of noise! Based on the 4ms Noise Swash.

Jonathan Papert

GEORGE KHUT + Thinking Through the Body

George Khut (Doctorate of Creative Arts, UWS) is an artist whose works combine interactive art, audience participation and story-sharing. He has been a guest lecturer and tutor at the School of Design, DAB, UTS, with Associate Professor Albertus Bongers. Recent exhibitions include ‘Enfoldings & Discolsures’ at UTS Gallery, 2008 and ‘The Heart Library Project’ at St. Vincent’s Public Hospital, Darlinghurst 2009.

Thinking Through The Body is a research ensemble led by George Khut and Lizzie Muller, with Jonathan Duckworth, Somaya Langley, Lian Loke, Garth Paine, Maggie Slattery and Catherine Truman. Paying attention to the experience of the body is the central activity of this project – weaving together approaches from interactive art and Feldenkrais somatic-bodywork. The ensemble create situations that invite participation, reframing our experience of ourselves and our relationship to the world around us – through use of various body-sensing technologies, image, sound and spoken word.

George will talk about his recent exhibition at St. Vincent’s Public Hospital, his work with bio-sensing and biofeedback, and some of the approaches to interactive art he has been developing as part of the Thinking Through The Body research group.


Come and see the interactive exhibition at Dablab UTS which ends this Friday the 26th!

S H O W + T E L L

We invite people to bring along projects they are working on or any other cool things to show in a free-for-all at the end of the night. This is a great time to talk to people about things that are coming up, events and what not. Bring in something you have found, something you have broken and show us what you’ve got!



The Dorkbot Syd Group Show was an exhibition of work by people doing strange things with electricity. Something between an art exhibition and a science fair featuring work by members of Dorkbot Sydney, a regular meeting for people doing strange things with electricity. Bringing together artists, musicians, engineers and programmers, presenting a collection of interactive installations, web art, generative art, sound art and electronic sculptures.

The Dorkbot Sydney Group Show came to a close last weekend. Here is some documentation from the show.

Dorkbot Group Show 2010

Our very first exhibition a la Dorkbot in Sydney has been very well recieved. We had a very successfull opening with what has been said to be the largest crowd at Serial Space yet! Check out our flickr page to see some photos of the event.

We followed exhibition with a closing talk on the sunday with all the artists.


Warren Armstrong

Warren Armstrong - Twitterphonicon

Web application running on a computer with headphones for private listening.

The Twitterphonicon is an endless, self-generating musical piece created entirely from Twitter updates. It searches for tweets that are either top-trending, or contain the hashtag #twitphon, and turns them into musical sequences. Bring your mobile along to the show, post a tweet with that tag, and hear the music it makes.

Tega Brain

Tega Brain - Niche

Interactive Projection in Processing

Niche is an interactive projection. It is a generative and reactive animation built with Processing. Different plant species are programmed to grow in the projected environment however each species requires specific conditions to grow and survive. Varying growth conditions are defined by a participant’s interaction with the work. It is the participant’s behaviour that creates different digital niches to be potentially occupied. The system explores interactivity and ecological issues such as sensitivity, competition and symbiosis.

Samuel Bruce
Art is great to waste time before dying


Electronics, plywood, bone.

The work functions as memento mori and addresses certain vague worries regarding the social utility of artmaking. How do you stay warm in the cold shadow of death? 

Amanda Cole

Programmable Light Metronome

Electronics by Martin Dewhurst (BScEng, MIEAust, MIET), recording of Vibraphone Theory 3 by Nuno Aroso. LED lights, Arduino microcontroller, computer, headphones.


Amanda Cole - Programmable Light Metranome

The Programmable Light Metronone is a light instrument being developed for the live performance of my rhythmically complex music compositions. It may be used as a substitute conductor or click track, where performers are synchronizing acoustic instruments to a sequenced electronic music part. Made from two sets of modified LED Christmas lights, a computer running Max/MSP controls the on/off flashing of each group of lights in each string. For this exhibition, the Programmable Light Metronome is used to show the two simultaneous tempos used in a composition Vibraphone Theory 3, for vibraphone and sequenced sine tone interference beats. In a live performance, one light string would be used as a metronome and the other would visually show the separate pulse of the sine tone accompaniment. 

Melissa Hunt
Light Speed Sound #2

Melissa Hunt - Light Speed Sound #2

Record player, records, lamp, light dependent resistors, table, electricity. Special thanks to Nick Wishart.

Light Speed Sound #2 experiments with adding light and user interaction to corrupt the predefined mojo of a well-known object. 
The record player has been modified with light dependent resistors; the speed of the motor is affected by how much light reaches the LDRs.  Altering the nature of how an object works can change its identity.  As for this record player its initial purpose as a player has morphed into an object that can be played as an instrument. Now interaction is possible, and the viewer becomes the performer as their hands move above the turntable.  The gestures are personal and ephemeral as they play with light and sound.
And what has this to do with electricity? The manipulation of resistance in voltage and current is a curious business, with curious outcomes: it makes people do strange things. 

Try it out, by yourself or with a friend: use the LDR’s to manually control the speed of the record player – faster, slower and reverse. As your hands cut the light between the lamp and the resistors hear the changes in sound and current resistance. The action almost feels like you’re stroking sound or scratching with light.

Lukasz Karluk + Gentleforce

Lukasz Karluk and Gentleforce - tr-IO

Application written in OpenFrameworks. Interactive table – iSight firewire camera, fluorescent lighting, acrylic table surface, drafting film, programmable LEDs. Reactivision Fiducial Markers.

tr-IO is a generative visual application that produces ever changing motion and form. The elementary building block of this visual piece is the triangle, simple in appearance and geometry but one that can be combined to create beautifully complex geometric forms.

Users are encouraged to explore the infinite combinations through a tangible interface, an interactive table with triangular pyramid objects which when moved change the properties of the visual output.

Thanks to all the artists for there amazing work and dedication.
Thanks to Serial Space for having us.
Thanks to all the people who came to our show.

See you next month for an ‘ordinary’ dorkbot meet up.


Dorkbot-Syd Group Show is on for 2 more days!
Open 12-5pm, Thursday 11th – Saturday 13th February
and then…

What: Hear the participants from Dorkbot Syd Group Show discuss their work inside and out before we bump out in the afternoon.

Who: Warren Armstrong, Tega Brain, Samuel Bruce, Amanda Cole, Melissa Hunt, Lukasz Karluk & Gentleforce.

Dorkbot Syd Group Show is an exhibition of work by people doing strange things with electricity. Something between an art exhibition and a science fair featuring work by members of Dorkbot Sydney, a regular meeting for people doing strange things with electricity. Bringing together artists, musicians, engineers and programmers, presenting a collection of interactive installations, web art, generative art, sound art and electronic sculptures.

Where: Serial Space, 33 Wellington Street Chippendale.

When:Sunday 14th of February, 12 noon.

Valentines day is for losers! Dorkbot Artist Talk is for WINNERS!

DORKBOT-SYD : GROUP SHOW (opens Wednesday 10th Feb 6-8pm)

What: An exhibition of work by people doing strange things with electricity. Something between an art exhibition and a science fair featuring work by members of Dorkbot Sydney, a regular meeting for people doing strange things with electricity. Bringing together artists, musicians, engineers and programmers, presenting a collection of interactive installations, web art, generative art, sound art and electronic sculptures.

Where: Serial Space, 33 Wellington St, Chippendale (

When: Opening 6-8pm, Wednesday February 10th. Open 12-5pm, Thursday 11th – Saturday 13th February

Who: Warren Armstrong, Tega Brain, Samuel Bruce, Amanda Cole, Melissa Hunt, Lukasz Karluk + Gentleforce and Gavin Smith. Curated by Dorkbot Syd ‘Overlord’ Pia van Gelder.


DORKBOT-SYD : 110001000100101001

What: “People doing strange things with electricitiy”.
Where: Serial Space (, 33 Wellington St Chippendale.
When: Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010. 19:00 for a 19:30 speak off.
How: It’s free! < Bring along your own drinks and food!
Why: Because you know you want to.

HAPPY DECADE DORKS! The first meeting of 2010 is PACKED! So bring your note pads and beerrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

/ / / / | | | | P R E S E N T E R S | | | |

Geometries of Attention

Geometries of Attention is a collaborative project by René Christen and Astrid Lorange, comprising three interactive installations. Each work looks at how a ‘poem’ might be produced through the collaborative processes of noticing, engaging and playing. When a participant interacts with a work — touches, manipulates, provokes, corrupts — the work ‘happens’. Without interactivity, the poems exist only as fields of potential.
In one work, five poem-objects are the playthings for an experiment in attractive and repulsive dynamics. In another, a sound poem is generated from the touch of fingertips across a wall’s surface. In the third, four FM transmitters provide the material for an improvisational headphone radiophonics (tuning between four channels — a blue coat, a parasite, a philadelphia and a lovepoem). Together, the three works tune the geometries of attention so that inquisitive impulses like ‘what is this?’ and ‘how does this work?’ and ‘how is this meaningful?’ — questions that are central to our playful interrogation of the world — become the compositional impulses of poetry.
René Christen has designed and built the soft and hardwares for each work, and Astrid Lorange has composed the poetry works. This project is supported by the Australia Council for the Arts’ Emerging Writers/Illustrators Initiative.

Geometries of Attention opens at Serial Space for exhibition on Wednesday 3rd February (6-8) and will be open to the public until the following Sunday. Come along and see the show! For more details:

cubist effects

Christian Moraga, owner and sole hacker of [cubisteffects], will be running through effects pedal circuit-bending and modifications.
In an industry where guitar tone and sound are highly scrutinised and revered, [cubisteffects] aims to turn a standard effect pedal into an instrument of creativity.
Be it through oscillation, white noise or sheer volume, Christian will aim to explain, and demonstrate, the place of noise-makers and customised sounds in a world of boutique stompboxes and instruments.
Christian is doing a 2 hour hands on workshop this weekend at SerialSpace. Please find details here

Rohan Story

The original motivation came from trying to solve several of the worlds’ problems with one device. The problems in mind were: Lack of fitness / obesity, power production, transport, and computer game addiction. The solution which came to mind was a bike with an integrated generator/motor linked to a computer game. The concept being that you can only play a physical computer game until you are physically tired. Then as a bonus, you’ve stored your energy for later use. And of course the platform is mobile, so you can ride it to you mates place or the park to play with your peers.
The first attempt (as shown in picture kindly supplied by Pia) was a Fisher and Paykel washing machine motor strapped to a bike and stand. This first version produced a lot of power (up to 600w, depending on the rider), but it was big and clunky and never made it back from Dorkbot (as Rohan’s leg’s where too tired to cart it back home on a trailer connected to the back of his road bike). This second version is simply a better version of the first. Instead of an external generator, it now has a Bionx hub motor system (thanks to GreenSpeed). I.e. no need ride one bike with a generator system on a trailer behind it! The power now goes toward charging the Bionx battery, such that it can be used at a later point in time when it’s too hot for peddling. The software is currently PC based (via Phidgets IO board). The end goal would be to connect to an Android based phone via Blue tooth (and maybe a charging dock….e.g. a “Nexus one” phone). You may have heard of the GreenWheel (which is now called the Copenhagen Wheel) from MIT, well, it’s pretty much the same thing, but with a focus on gaming! All game ideas welcome. Assume that you have steering, brakes, gears, load control, and measure power output (the details of how these will be captured are still under development).


Dan Conway will present his Audio to Fire Visualiser. Otherwise known as a Rubens Tube this device uses the acoustic properties of ‘standing waves’ to create patterns in flame provided by and LPG tank and the device itself. GAS, AUDIO, FIRE!!!!!!

Live long and prosper


What: “People doing strange things with electricity”.
Where: Black & Blue Gallery,, 302/267-271 Cleveland Street Redfern
When: Friday 4th December, 5:30 – 6:30
Cost: FREE!

Dorkbot will be having a special presentation by Japanese electronic artist Daito Manabe in conjunction with the opening of Spooky Action at a Distance, a show curated by Amelia Groom at Black & Blue Gallery. The show hosts a selection of ten experimental video works by Japanese artists including the work of Daito Manabe.

Daito Manabe

After working as a system engineer and a programmer, Daito Manabe graduated from IAMAS (International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences) in 2004.
Redefining the existent media and technologies from unique angles, he has been active in various fields, such as art, design, and even research and development. He produces sounds, images, and light by analyzing and transforming numerical values gained from various sensors and input devices.

He is internationally active as a Turntablist and a Sound Artist using surround/oscillation/super low frequency technology and pursuing sensual peculiarity, commonality and interaction.

For more info

Daito Manabe is in Sydney for Kirin Big In Japan

Dorkbot Syd November IN DECEMBER : PUB-BOT

The final Dorkbot for 2009 is a more informal gathering we like to call Pub-bot.

What: “People doing strange things with electricity” drinking beer
Where: Shakespeare Hotel, 200 Devonshire St Surry Hills
When: Tuesday 1st of December, 7:00pm

Bring along contraptions and whatnot to pass around if you like. But come along to hang out with the dorky folk over a beer and a 10 dollar pub meal! We will be upstairs. Hoping to nab the large table at the back.

Dorkbot Syd November IN DECEMBER!!!

For all those pining for the next meetup… it’s scheduled for December the 1st. More details to come!



Dorkbot-Syd is having a group show at the Sydney Artist Run Innitiative Serial Space. The show will open on the 10th of February, 2010 and will run for a week, until Sunday the 14th of February. 

We would like you to be involved! We are accepting applications for all kinds of work Dorkbot related. The aim of the show is to exhibit work by “people doing strange things with electricity”. Submissions should not be limited to artworks only. Picture something between an art exhibition and a science fair. Some projects might involve robotics, installation, interactive installations, electronic sculpture, screen based works, audio instruments and performances. What is appealing about Dorkbot and would be great to ‘exhibit’ is the versatility of work that is generated from our diverse community.

Submissions of proposed work are due by 27th of November. Please download the application here for more details.dorkbot sydney exhibition application