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DORKBOT SYD : JULY 2014 : Lovid, Systhesisers and Ceramics / Semaphore and Kinect / Megaphones

WHAT: People doing strange things with electricity
: MONDAY 28th July, 6-8pm
WHERECollege of Fine Arts, UNSW, Cnr of Oxford St and Greens Rd Paddington, Outdoor Courtyard, between Block D and Block F (campus map here!)




LoVid is the NY based interdisciplinary artist duo comprised of Tali Hinkis and Kyle Lapidus. LoVid’s work combines handmade engineering with craft and fine art. Their expansive practice includes immersive installations, sculptural synthesizers, single channel videos, participatory projects, mobile media cinema, works on paper, and A/V performance. LoVid has toured and exhibited in the USA and Europe extensively. Throughout their diverse projects, LoVid continuously explores relationships between technology and the individual human body or contemporary society.

Reaction Bubble is a work in progress by LoVid commissioned by the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation and produced by Real Art Ways. For this work, LoVid invited a ceramicist and a choreographer to collaborate on an immersive installation where LoVid’s audio/video synthesizer will be encased in ceramic sculptures and activated by performers. Reaction Bubble draws inspiration from the study of proxemics, which is concerned with the distances between people depending on the relationships and contexts in which they interact.


Flagging, Frances Barrett with Samuel Bruce, Live Performance, 2014, Photo: Lucy Parakhina

Flagging is a live performance by Frances Barrett with sound composition and programming by Samuel Bruce. Flagging is a manifesto performed in semaphore code by Frances. Semaphore is a system of sending messages by positioning the arms or two flags according to an alphabetic code. Using a Microsoft Kinect and the softwares Processing and Pure Data, Samuel built a system whereby the computer ‘read’ Frances’ semaphore message, with each semaphore symbol triggering samples and musical phrases.


Image credit:
Flagging, Frances Barrett with Samuel Bruce, Live Performance, 2014, Photo: Lucy Parakhina



The invention of the megaphone allowed for the extension of the human voice to be heard over large areas, its earliest use resolved a means to carry out authority in cases of propaganda and crowd-control. The concept of the megaphone has well progressed from its inception, when human ancestors first cupped their hands and yelled, to even subsiding Edison’s vision. This project is an attempt to activate multi-level relationships of listening between a receiving body and a producing body via experimentation with varying conditions of “noise”, time, architecture and space. Hacking the functions of a 50W megaphone through simple reverse amplification, perhaps could allow us to re-consider ‘listening’ as a phenomenon of production and interpretation than a mere point of response and receiving, an “instrument of listening voices” over an “apparatus for amplified instruction.” Soundcloud: Pre-Dorkbot Event (If curious to listen to megaphone in a 1hour long experimental set):

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