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When: Tuesday 27th January 7pm till i dunno.
Where: Strawberry Hills Hotel. 453 Elizabeth St, Surry Hills, NSW 2010
Why: To kick of the year nicely I thought it would be good to catch up and have a chat about the future and get back into the groove again.
Bring ideas and doodles and laptops and pocket money for beer and snacks. Looking forward to reuniting after a long break.


Happy New Year Dorkbotters! Holiday season seems to be wrapping up no matter how much i deny the signs. But I am happy to be getting ready for another year of Dorkbot-Syd.

2008 was a great year for Dorkbot-Syd. It was really great to try some interesting new approaches to programing and it was good to have some months off as well. I am trying to get back to making some of my own work so it has been really good to take some time for myself and I plan to keep doing so this year. I am really hoping that we can continue on a kind of two month rhythm for the year.
Some good ideas I think I had that I will carry though are:

I got to attend my first Dorkbot and really be there as a member of the audience for February’s meetup with Wade Marynowsky as guest programmer. The idea of having a guest programmer was very successful. Wade was able to pull in some excellent presenters and a new crowd for the night that were fellow colleagues and friends of his and we also got to see what he was getting up to too. I know this was very refreshing for the usual crew and valuable new alliances were made. I would really like to try this again this year!

If you are interested in guest-programming a Dorkbot it’s VERY EASY, please feel free to send me an email to let me know that you are interested.
The job involves:
1. Choosing two or three people/groups to present a project.
2. Confirming their/your availability.
3. Locking in a month with me.
4. Collecting short paragraphs explaining what will be presented from each party including a picture for each presenter to post on the website and in the mail out. Emailing these details to me.
5. Show up early to help your presenters set up with me. THAT’S IT!!!

The best thing about guest programming is that you bring in your own people. I am sure most of us have friends and colleagues who would do a presentation if we asked them to. Our community isn’t humongous and Sydney is pretty sprawled out. It’s important to continue to help each other expand. Their are plenty of people who don’t yet know about Dorkbot who make strange things with electricity and so many people who just haven’t been able to make it there yet. This is a very good way of bringing those people in. Being the only ‘Overlord’, it’s a challenge to make new contacts continually. So if you know some people who would like to be a part of Dorkbot and might like to present, get into it!

I would love to try another mid-year Beerbot and perhaps a crocket/picnic towards the end of the year. It’s nice to nerd-out in a more laid back context and really get a chance to talk to each other. Might be a nice opportunity to bring someone along too.

CuriousWorks were very kind and embracing to open their new headquarters to us for the May meetup last year. A very comfortable space and an excellent opportunity to see their work and the work of Neil Jenkins. Looking forward to organizing more excursions this year.

It was a real pleasure to be a part of the Electrofringe Festival again. Aras Vaichas organized another year of amazing hands-on circuit building workshops that were a huge success and we were also given an opportunity to share what we do to a larger audience in our panel. I am looking forward to coming up with some new ideas for Electrofringe 2009, if you are interested in getting involved let me know. It has proved to by quite successful for us to team together and submit a large application under the Dorkbot banner rather than separately. The applications are usually due by the 31st of March so it’s time to get brainstorming. I will have a talk about this when we meetup next.

Please let me know if you have any ideas for dorkbots in the future. My contact details are listed here. I am in need of people who want to do presentations. They don’t need to be formal and the projects don’t need to be complete, so no excuses! If you know anyone else who might be interested send me their details! Remember: Dorkbot is intended to be directed by it’s members. This includes you! It is what you make it.

Yours faithfully,

Pia van Gelder (your humble Dorkbot-Syd ‘Overlord’)