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This MONDAY 25th JUNE 2007
Dorkbot will be held at Sydney. Please come to 302 Cleveland St Surry Hills at 19:00 for a 19:30 speak off. More details about the new veue here

This month’s presentations will be from:

CONDUCTOR has just completed a Studio Residency at firstdraft gallery and will discuss developments made to their project during this period.

Gestural drawing is transposed into an audio signal via the Blind Eye Organ. Using the conductive properties of graphite on paper, wired pencils connect and disconnect an electronic circuit to produce sound. The sound signal performed by drawing is processed as an out of control source sound via various sound machines in real time. The drawn line initiates the pitch, timing, and duration of the sounds and materialises the sound event. The drawing becomes a visual trace of an ephemeral sonic past.
CONDUCTOR’S exhibition ‘Template’ can be seen at firstdraft gallery until June 23rd.

MAX BREEDON who will be talking about his work The Indifference Engine. An absurd machine: a serial computer that makes a lamp flash pseudo-randomly using a non-linear mathematical formula adhering to the principles of chaos theory.

The Indifference Engine featured prominently at the inaugural Workshop Showroom Showcase.

SHOW & TELL: As always, we will have an open slot for people to do some informal showing off of their current projects. Please bring something!

Excited about a new venue! And some great presenters for the month. We have great news about upcoming Dorkbot attractions too. Bring along some food if you feel hungry. There should be something to drink there.

be there AND be square!


Due to moving home, Dorkbot will be postponed to the 4th monday of this month, on the 25th. Details on speakers and location will come in the next week. Sorry for any inconveniences. Dorkbot will continue running every third Monday of the month (as usual) come July.