Monthly Archives: April 2007


This months meeting is scheduled for MONDAY 16th APRIL!!! To begin at 19:30 for a 20:00 speak-off at Lanfranchis. Bring some drinks and nibblies if you please.

This month’s Dorkbot comes to you courtesy of Aras Vaichas! You may remember him from other such Dorkbots as Dorkbot March and Dorkbot January. We are pleased to have two fine presentations and an open show and tell at the end. Please remember to bring things in as it is a possibility for some serious fun.

P R E S E N T E R S :

1. Aras Vaichas:

Aras will be showing off some of his various electronic projects and will be open up
some discussion about his Electrofringe Dorkshop ideas.” and I’ve included a cryptic picture of a circuit from the past.

2. b o o c h a p p l e:

“I will be talking about my research into the piezoelectric properties of bone
and the process of harnessing this capacity in order to transform bone into
audio speakers. The bulk of this research was undertaken at SymbioticA, an art
and science collaborative research lab at the University of Western Australia,
in collaboration with Biomedical Engineering Honours student, William Wong. I
will be supporting my presentation with audio visual documentation of the
research process.”



Josh Wodak:

Josh will be presenting the interface design for an electronic voting
system for ‘Emergence’ an interactive installation that is premiering at
the Sydney Opera House Studio in August 2007. He will be showing designs
of the proposed means, methods and mechanisms for audience interaction and
interfacing with the installation



4. Show & Tell:

This is an open mic time slot for those who would like to bring something along to show but aren’t into doing a presentation. Great time to show some unfinished work or ideas and a wonderful time to promote anything you are involved in.

Come one. Come all. Be there AND BE SQUARE ! ! !